A gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, known as Nord Stream, has sprung its fourth leak.

Acts of “sabotage” are referred to by people from both the West and Russia. Moscow has been successful in securing a meeting of the United Nations Security Council for this coming Thursday.

According to information provided by the Swedish coast guard on Thursday, September 29, a fourth leak has been found in the Baltic Sea above the Nord Stream gas pipelines that are believed to have been the target of sabotage.

An official of the Swedish authority stated to AFP that there are two leaks on the Swedish side and two leaks on the Danish side. The official went on to specify that the two leaks on the Swedish side are “close to each other,” adding that there are also two leaks on the Danish side. The authorities of the two countries had reported a leak on the Swedish side so far, while the authorities of the Danish side had reported two leaks.

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As a result of two suspicious explosions that took place on Monday morning and evening, these are in international waters off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm, but they are within the respective exclusive economic zones of the two Scandinavian countries. The Swedish coast guard was unable to immediately provide an explanation as to why the report of this new leak was not made until such a late date. They stated that the two leaks that occurred on the Swedish side are both situated in the same general area. According to the official at the coast guard station, “the distance is something subjective, but they are close to each other.” This new leak is reportedly located above the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, but the authority was unable to confirm these reports from Swedish media outlets.

Up until this point, Sweden had reported a leak over the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that was located northeast of the island of Bornholm. Both a leak in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to the south-east of the island and a leak in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to the northeast of the island have been confirmed by Denmark. According to the authorities, it is impossible to conduct an immediate inspection of the works because the massive leaks are causing major marine bubbling several hundred meters deep and wide on the surface. After becoming the focus of widespread suspicion following the alleged sabotage of the gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea that are operated by Nord Stream, Russia launched a counterattack on Wednesday, pointing the finger at the United States and obtaining a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The United States, for its part, denounced a new operation of “disinformation.”

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