A plan to increase nuclear power production by the government

LE FIGARO INFORMATICS – His legislation proposes a number of steps to get the first next-generation EPR up and running before the end of the current term.

This marks the triumphant return of the now-iconic “at the same time” presidential, this time in the realm of energy. On the same day that the government sent its bill to the National Council for Ecological Transition (CNTE), which was reviewed by Le Figaro, the bill to accelerate renewable energies was presented to the Council of Ministers. A source familiar with the matter has stated that the purpose of the text is to reduce the administrative deadlines in order to set the foundation for the first EPR 2 before the end of the five-year term.

After putting off dealing with nuclear power for the better part of his first five years in office, French President Emmanuel Macron finally addressed the issue during his Belfort speech on energy in February. He ordered six EPRs from EDF, with an additional eight available as options. The electrical engineer hopes to have the first one operational by 2035.

The executive, who has been criticized by the right for moving quickly into the field of wind and solar power in preparation for the new academic year, is doubling down on this strategy.

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