Activity bonus, RSA, retirement… here are the benefits that will increase by 4%

A financial boost for many recipients. The first part of the emergency measures on purchasing power was finally voted on Wednesday, August 3. It provides for a series of exceptional revaluations of 4%. In addition to the basic pension announced several months ago, this increase will also concern the active solidarity income (RSA), the activity bonus or family allowances. This measure is taken to enable these beneficiaries to cope with the continuous rise in prices.

The cost of this revaluation is estimated at 6.7 billion euros. The explanatory memorandum to the bill details all the benefits affected by this increase:

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  • Basic retirement pensions, under direct law or derived law, and invalidity pensions (including reform pensions for special schemes), minimum old age (ASPA and former allowances), minimum contributory, minimum survivor's pension, pension increase pension for dependent spouse, increased reference pension for farmers and its capping threshold
  • Widow's allowance
  • Supplementary Disability Allowance (ASI)
  • Allowance for disabled adults (AAH)
  • Active solidarity income (RSA), overseas solidarity income (RSO)
  • activity bonus
  • Temporary Waiting Allowance (ATA)
  • Support for the family and social life of former migrants in their country of origin, ex-ARFS – transitional solidarity benefit
  • Specific solidarity allowance
  • Retirement equivalent allowance
  • AT-MP capital allowances, AT-MP annuities and minimum wage for AT-MP annuities (minimum basis), additional benefit for recourse to a third party and increase for a third party AT-MP
  • Family benefits: family allowances, family supplement and increased family supplement, family support allowance
  • Childcare benefit: birth grant, adoption grant, basic allowance, free choice of childcare supplement, shared child education benefit, education allowance for disabled children
  • Back-to-school allowance
  • Lump-sum allowance paid in the event of the death of a child
  • Unit rates for the specific school catering service (DOM and Mayotte)
  • Solidarity leave allowance
  • Lump-sum increase for dependent child
  • The contributions and wages giving rise to a payment of contributions until June 30, 2022 serving as the basis for the calculation of old-age pensions which come into effect after this same date
  • Death benefit
  • Allowance for early termination of activity for asbestos workers (ACAATA)
  • Complementary solidarity health and state medical aid
  • Allowance paid to young people in EPIDE
  • Allowance paid under the youth employment contract, as well as the one-off allowance paid pursuant to Article L. 5131-5 of the Labor Code
  • Youth guarantee
  • Remuneration of vocational training trainees

The law should be promulgated in the next few days. It is from this moment that the revaluations may begin to apply. For the basic pension, we already know that, even if it was announced by the government, it cannot be applied to the July pension, paid on August 9th. The hike is expected to take place on September 9. However, the increase being planned for the payments of benefits and social minima from July, when it will apply, it will be retroactive.

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