Aid for the purchase of a bicycle is increasing: here are the new amounts

It can now be said. Since Monday, August 15, the help that is paid when purchasing a bicycle, regardless of whether or not it is electric, has been extended as a result of the publishing of a decree in the Official Journal. To refresh your memory, this new policy of supporting the purchase of a bicycle was planned by the deputies, within the framework of the amending finance bill for 2022. It was definitively adopted by Parliament at the beginning of August, and the Constitutional Council broadly validated it this past Friday.

As revealed by Capital on August 5, numerous aids will be made available to a greater number of individuals in France… but they will also be increased for all or some of the recipients. It is therefore no longer essential to receive local help upstream to be eligible for the “bicycle bonus” from the state, which is provided for the purchase of a bicycle that has an electrically assisted pedalling system (VAE). The order eliminates this obligation, which disproportionately excluded people living in rural areas because those locations do not provide the necessary devices. It is important to highlight that the criterion of resources that must be met to be eligible for the “bike bonus,” namely having a reference tax income that is less than or equal to 13,489 euros, remains unchanged.

Another piece of encouraging information is that the maximum amount of this bonus, which was previously capped at 200 euros for all claimants, has been raised. The maximum amount of financial assistance available has been increased to 300 euros and now amounts to forty per cent of the total cost of purchasing the bicycle. A maximum increase to 400 euros has been envisaged for individuals who are disabled and have the lowest incomes in France (those whose reference tax income is less than or equal to 6,300 euros). This increase will also apply to those whose reference tax income is less than or equal to 6,300 euros. Note that support is exceptionally available for traditional bicycles (those that do not have electric assistance), up to a limit of 150 euros, for the same audiences as above.


Increases in financial support for certain recipients

In addition, the decree qualifies as eligible for the “other bicycle bonus” the purchase of a folding bicycle, regardless of whether it is a traditional or electric model. Up until now, this financial incentive, which amounts to forty per cent of the purchase price up to a maximum of one thousand euros, was only available for electric trailers for bicycles and cargo bikes, regardless of whether or not they were electric. The maximum amount of aid that can be received has been increased to 2,000 euros for recipients who either have a disability or whose reference tax income does not exceed 6,300 euros.

The conversion bonus, which is aid of 1,500 euros paid when purchasing an electric bicycle in exchange for discarding a polluting vehicle, has finally had its advantage extended. This extension comes the as good news. In the past, this prize was only given out for the acquisition of a single bicycle by each household. It is intended that beginning right now, each member of the same household will be required to make the payment when purchasing a bicycle for themselves. And once again, the amount has been increased to a whopping 3,000 euros for those people who are either disabled or come from the most humble of backgrounds.

#Bike | The national aid programme that helps people buy bicycles has been extended from the 15th of August through the 31st of December, 2022!
🚲 Find the breakdown of possible assistance below, organised according to the type of bicycle you wish to purchase.

– Territories Ministries of Ecology and Energy (@Ecologie Gouv) August 15, 2022

Caution is however warranted because it is in your best interest not to procrastinate to take advantage of these more favourable conditions regarding the acquisition of a bicycle (electric or not). In point of fact, these are only meant to be short-term agreements, and they are scheduled to be terminated on December 31st, 2022.

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