An influencer allegedly ripped off 300 people in a cryptocurrency scam.

On his YouTube channel under the username “Crypto Gouv,” the user “Crypto Gouv” was able to bring together a community of 4,000 people with whom he shared various tutorials, in particular those about investments in cryptocurrency. Daily, he engaged in conversation with people using the internet via the messaging applications Telegram and Discord. According to France InterMonday's report from August 1, the influencer then offered for them to come together in groups (also known as “pools”) to invest together, all the while promising very attractive returns on investment.

Me Asta-Vola explains to our other employees that some investors have contributed one hundred euros, while others have contributed several tens of thousands of euros. “Within a very brief period, Crypto Gov has established a significant number of investment groups and projects,” On the other hand, on July 9 this Internet user, who has never revealed his true identity, announces publicly via his usual means of communication that he is leaving with the money. He has never revealed his true identity. “It's as if you had entrusted a sum to a financial investment adviser and that the latter had simply left with your money,” Me Asta-Vola explains. “It's as if you had entrusted a sum to a financial investment adviser.”

In a guide, he explains the sham that lies beneath the scheme.

The con artist reaches new heights of callousness when he publishes an ultimate tutorial in which he describes the inner workings of the con and outlines the penalty that will be incurred for participating in it: five years in prison. According to France Inter, the gendarmes of the research section in Paris were given responsibility for an investigation that began in the middle of July. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, there have been forty formal complaints lodged, and the amount of damage is estimated to be four million euros.

A mutual aid discussion for potential victims of the Crypto Gouv scam was also established on the application known as Discord, and since then, the number of calls for Internet users to be vigilant has significantly increased. “There is a large segment of the population that is curious about these procedures. Some nefarious individuals will invariably view it as a window of opportunity. This particular con is becoming more prevalent “, warns Jérémy Asta-Vola.

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