Back-to-school allowance: the first payment made this Tuesday

For many families, back to school in september rhymes with numerous expenses. To help them bear the cost of school supplies, clothing, extracurricular activities, etc. for their children, they can benefit from the back-to-school allowance (ARS) paid by the Family Allowance Funds (CAF). As part of the project of purchasing power lawthis aid was increased by 4%.

And, as a result of this revaluation, the ARS will be paid in two stages this year. The first payment is made this Tuesday, August 16 (except for beneficiaries from Mayotte and Reunion who received their first payment on August 2). The 4% revaluation will, for its part, be paid automatically at the beginning of September, at the same time as the monthly payment of the other benefits, specify our colleagues from France 3Tuesday, August 16.


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The amounts of the allowance for the start of the 2022 school year

This year, the ARS therefore amounts, including revaluation, to:

• €392.05 for children aged 6 to 10

• €413.69 for children aged 11 to 14

• €428.02 for children aged 15 to 18

As a reminder, the ARS is allocated under conditions of resources, for each child from 6 to 18 years old (before January 31 following the start of the school year), schooled in an establishment or with a public or private educational body. In addition, the income ceiling varies according to the number of dependent children: €25,370 for 1 dependent child; €31,225 for 2 dependent children; €37,080 for 3 dependent children and €42,935 for 4 dependent children. Note that if your resources slightly exceed the ceilings, a differential back-to-school allowance may be paid to you. It is calculated based on your income.

In the case of children aged 6 to 15, parents already registered with the CAF do not have to take any steps to obtain this allowance. For those with a child under 6 entering CP, they must send a school certificate to the CAF. As for parents of teenagers aged 16 to 18, they must justify online to the CAF if their child is still in school or learning.


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