Borne said fuel shortages will improve this week.

According to the Prime Minister, there has been a 20% increase in the amount of fuel delivered in comparison to a typical weekend.

Elisabeth Borne gave an assurance this Sunday that the fuel supply pressures in service stations were going to “ease throughout the week,” thanks to “deliveries” expected, in particular from the “strategic stocks” French. Borne made this statement on Sunday. The Prime Minister emphasized to a group of journalists when he was in Algeria that “the situation will improve throughout the week.” This took place on the sidelines of his trip to Algeria.

She proceeded by saying, “We released strategic reserves” of fuels to supply petrol stations, etc., and deliveries are happening gradually. The Prime Minister went on to specify that “the actions we have taken have raised deliveries by 20% compared to the regular flows,” and he advised the nation to “closely observe” the development of the situation. There have been supplying problems as a result of a strike that has been going on for ten days in refineries and petroleum depots.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition reports that 29.7% of service stations are having problems with a product at least Sunday at 3 p.m., which is a significant increase from the 20.7% who reported having problems on Saturday. The situation is becoming tenser in Hauts-de-France, where 54.8% of stations are affected, as well as in Ile-de-France, where 44.9% of stations are affected. In light of this, the government has decided to release some of its reserves and has given the go-ahead for the tanker trucks to operate during the weekend.

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