Fuel: your employer’s maximum premium doubled from 2022

The ball is in the employer's court. After the final adoption of the amending budget, Thursday, August 4, they can now participate more in the financing of home-work journeys for their employees. The text acts in effect the doubling of the “premium transport”, this aid to support the fuel costs of their employees, totally exempt from income tax and social security contributions. A boost that must be added in particular to the discount at the pump, which will drop from 18 to 30 cents per liter from September 1.


Self-employed workers: what the government plans to support their purchasing power

In detail, the annual exemption ceiling is increased to 400 euros per year for the years 2022 and 2023, against 200 euros per year today. Concretely, an employee can receive up to 400 euros per year from his company to cover his fuel costs… without this being imposed on either the employee or the company. And this, starting this year. In the departments of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte, this support exempt from tax and contributions is even tripled, to 600 euros.

But, remember, this boost to employees remains at the discretion of employers. The bill also indicates that the government will relax the eligibility conditions for the transport bonus for the next two years. Will be able to claim it, “all employees incurring fuel costs or the cost of supplying electric, rechargeable hybrid or hydrogen vehicles for their travel between their usual residence and their place of work”.

Interesting point for employees, they will exceptionally be able to combine, for two years, the compulsory payment of half of their public transport ticket by their company with the transport bonus paid for their journeys by vehicle. Clearly, an employee using his car to get to the station will be able to benefit from the transport bonus on the one hand and reimbursement of part of his train journey on the other hand. A combination that was not allowed until now.

The boosted sustainable mobility package

Another measure included in the bill: the increase in the exemption ceiling for the sustainable mobility package. The executive intends to show that he does not forget the urgency of the ecological question. The latter will be increased by 500 to 700 euros per year until the end of 2023. Employees using a bicycle to get to work can therefore potentially receive a lump sum allowance of a maximum amount of 700 euros per year for two years. And that, completely tax-free. A real boost for purchasing power. The sustainable mobility package will also remain cumulative with the reimbursement of half of the public transport ticket. Enough to promote “multimodal travel management”, according to the government.

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