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When they return from vacation, 6.2 million households will have a good surprise. Already exempt from housing tax on their main residence – the definitive abolition of this local tax will be recorded for all households in the fall of 2023 -, these taxpayers, who pay the contribution to public broadcasting ( CAP) by monthly direct debit, will be reimbursed, at the beginning of September, by the Public Treasury. And this, for the monthly payments paid since January. A consequence of the abolition of the TV license fee, which took place during the summer thanks to the amending finance law for 2022. Enough to save 138 euros for households in mainland France and 88 euros overseas. Clarification: taxpayers still subject this fall to housing tax on their main residence – the wealthiest – will see the amount of their local tax reduced by that of the TV license fee.

This reimbursement from Bercy to monthly taxpayers is an opportunity to recall that, despite the scheduled disappearance for all French people of the housing tax on the main residence and that of the TV license fee, it is always possible, at any what time of the calendar year, to adhere to the monthly levy of certain local taxes. Namely property taxes, built and unbuilt, but also the housing tax on the second home which remains in full force. Concretely, the monthly payment of local taxes is spread out from January to October, over ten months. “Each levy corresponds to one tenth of the tax due the previous year”, explains the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP). In case of overpayment, the State reimburses you. Conversely, if your property tax has, for example, increased compared to the previous year, Bercy warns that “the levies will continue in November, even December”, to reach the amount due.

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Subscribing to a monthly direct debit contract is possible via your private space on, under “Payments”, then “Manage my direct debit contracts”; or through your secure email. If you are not comfortable with computer tools, you can directly call the Treasury using the number on your property tax notice. Remember that to take out such a contract, you must have three elements: a tax number, a tax notice and a bank account* domiciled in France or Monaco.

For 2022, it is unfortunately too late to start the monthly collection of your local taxes. You will therefore have to pay your property tax online on October 22, or at an approved partner of Bercy, via check, cash or bank card, if the amount of your tax is less than 300 euros. The same goes for the housing tax on second homes, for which the deadline for online payment is set for December 20 this year. On the other hand, you can take out a direct debit contract for 2023 without delay. In this case, your bank account will be debited every 15th of the month; the first withdrawal taking place on January 15.

* “The direct debit is only authorized on the livret A if it is provided for by your bank. It is not authorized on other savings accounts (sustainable development booklet, housing savings account and similar accounts”, recalls Bercy.


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