Higher education: what the start of the 2022 school year will cost students

The barometer de la Fage (Federation of General Student Associations) on the cost of back-to-school for the students registered in 2022 is the biggest growth since its formation in 2003, with an increase of 7.38% compared to the previous year. According to a report published by The Parisian on Monday, August 15, young people will be forced to tighten their belts as a result of a “surge in prices.” The average amount that young people will have to pay to cover their “living expenses” (rent, meals, telephone, etc.) and their “specific back-to-school costs” (registration fees, complementary health insurance, housing insurance, teaching materials) will be 2,527 euros. This amount represents a significant increase from the previous year's

Specifically, the cost of daily living is estimated to be 1,219 euros (which is an increase of 1.92% compared to 2021), while the cost of specific re-entry is estimated to be 1,307 euros (which is an increase of 13.04%). According to the findings of the Fage, in particular, the costs of alternative or complementary health care have skyrocketed over the past year. They come to a total of 411 euros on average for a student starting college at the age of 20, which is an increase of more than thirty percent.

The effects that inflation and Covid have had on the economy

Paul Mayaux, the president of Fage, addressed our other employees and stated that “this scenario is explained by inflation as well as the Covid effect.” “Because there has been such a large demand for complementary health insurance during this time of widespread health concerns, they have upped their prices. He analyzed that it is a stigma associated with Covid. According to Fage's findings, “the cost of back-to-school shopping has climbed by 55% over the past twenty years, although the number of scholarships has only increased by 33%.”

Other categories of expenses that have seen significant increases include those related to instructional materials, which saw an increase of 15.82% and accounted for an average expenditure of 304.58 euros and those related to consumption, which saw an increase of nearly 7% and accounted for an average expenditure of 393 euros in Ile-de-France (356.10 euros in the regions). Rents and other fees have increased by 1.8% across the regions, bringing the average amount to 508.93 euros. On the other hand, the costs of meals in the dining halls of the university have remained unchanged over the past few years and currently average 66 euros.

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