In 2022, an estimated 305,000 new jobs will be created.

This positive balance is still being pushed, according to the most recent economic data published by INSEE, by the development of salaried jobs, in particular on a work-study basis.

Despite concerns regarding the availability of energy and the level of inflation, France will continue to add jobs in 2022. According to the most recent economic assessment published by INSEE, employment levels (both salaried and self-employed) are projected to rise by 305 000 jobs in 2022, following a significant catch-up in 2021 (+971,000 salaried jobs). To put this into perspective, before the onset of the economic crisis in 2019, France experienced a net increase of 405,000 jobs in the private sector.

The development of salaried jobs will continue to be the primary driver of the result for the year 2022. It is anticipated that the number of salaried jobs will continue to increase in H2; however, the pace of growth should be lower than in H1. The first six months of 2022 saw the creation of 187,000 new employees, and INSEE forecasts that the second half of the year will see the addition of 58,000 salaried positions.

It is important to highlight that, according to the Institute, the dynamics of work-study contracts, notably in apprenticeships, are responsible for the creation of approximately one-third of all newly created positions. According to Insee's description, ” in H2 the rise in work-study contracts should continue sustained, but the other types of job creation should slow down significantly, by activities.” The creation of new jobs ought to be focused primarily on the tertiary sector of the business economy.

However, business owners are finding it challenging to acquire new employees as a result of this employment dynamic. ” unprecedented levels in the manufacturing industry (67% of companies concerned) and services (60%) and reached its highest levels in construction (82%) “, Details INSEE, which is counting on an unemployment rate that should stand at 7.4% of the active population this year. In July 2022, the share of companies that said they had difficulty recruiting reached ” unprecedented levels.”

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