Inflation, pensions, condemnation, immigration: Macron’s TV interview.

On Wednesday, the Head of State announced additional assistance against inflation. Before he reached out to the LRs, he took the opponents on the left and the RN to task for their “cynical” behavior and lambasted it.

He attempted to teach a class during his second five-year term. Emmanuel Macron, who has been shaken by both the energy crisis and a string of defeats in the National Assembly, participated in an explanation exercise that lasted for one whole hour on Wednesday evening on the show “The Event” that aired on France 2. Two weeks after an interview was devoted to the conflict in Ukraine, the head of state attempted to reassure the French about the situation within the country, with the stated purpose of “passing” the “storm” of price hikes. In addition to this, he condemned the “chaos” on the left as well as the National Rally (RN), while at the same time he urged the Republicans to form an “alliance” (LR).

Pensions: status quo from the time of retirement till reaching age 65 in 2031

Emmanuel Macron has once again supported the pension reform, to put it into effect during the summer of 2023. He does this in the name of sustaining the “social model” French people follow. Amid discussions with the social partners, he suggested to himself that they “open” the possibility of delaying the age of retirement to 64 if the contribution term is prolonged. Before announcing his schedule, he announced, “We will have to shift the legal age of departure by four months per year.” 65 years old in 2031, having reached 63 years old in 2025, 64 years old in 2028, and so on. The Head of State intends to take into account the length of careers as well as the difficulty of the job. In addition to this, he aims for the “transformation of our unique regimes.”

An increase in the cost of energy for homeowners of up to 15 percent

In response to high inflation, which came in at 5.6% over one year, and particularly steep increases in the cost of energy, Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that the tariff shield on gas and electricity will be prolonged but scaled back for the next year. According to the Head of State, there would be a fifteen percent price hike in the first few months of the year. “That's quite a bit. But if we just let things happen, we should see rises that are greater than one hundred percent,” he said. “Amortization has already taken place, and it will continue to take place.”

The 49-3 vote in favor of the budget was taken in response to the “demagoguery” of the opposition.

On October 19, the Head of State defended the contentious use of a majority vote of 49-3 to pass the budget without putting it to a vote in the National Assembly. “The administration was right to pass this budget, including in the face of all the resistance which was sometimes in demagoguery,” he said, certain that by doing so, “many billions of needless lossy expenses” had been saved. “The opposition was sometimes in demagoguery,” he added.

Macron condemns the “cynicism” and “disorder” coming from the left as well as the RN in response to censorship motions.

Emmanuel Macron condemned the “cynicism” and the “disorder” that prevailed in the National Assembly while speaking in an animated manner. Deputies from the left and the RN who were members of the “baroque coalition” appeared in his viewfinder. On Monday, both groups cast their votes in favor of the resolution of censure that had been brought forth by the Nupes; nonetheless, they were unable to successfully topple the administration because of LR's lack of support. The head of state took aim at the rebels and their allies, saying things along the lines of, “They have proven one thing, and that is that they do not have a majority, and above all that they are ready to go hand in hand with the RN, while there is war in Europe, that there is the crisis, that there is the disarray of so many families,” before he lost control of himself.

The “desire” of Liot's centrists and the Libertarian Revolutionaries for a “alliance.”

However, the president was also aware, among this “chaos,” of the potential support of those individuals who had not voted in favour of the resolution to censure. He “wishes” for a “alliance” with the Libertarian Party and the moderate members of the Liberties, Independents, Outre-mer, and Territories group (Liot). He was certain that “they conveyed a clear message” indicating that “we do not want to stop the government.” Therefore, the heading has been revised to read as follows: “with these legislators,” a “work” is “to engage to pass” potential future changes, such as those pertaining to pensions, immigration, or even renewable energies.

Guaranteed access to electricity at a “fair price” for small and medium-sized businesses

Emmanuel Macron wants to “ensure a reasonable price” for power so that it may be of assistance to both enterprises and communities. A depreciation mechanism, which will be announced by Prime Minister √Člisabeth Borne on Friday, will be beneficial not only to communities but also to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). In addition to this, “extremely energy demanding” very small firms will be included. In relation to medium-sized firms and large organizations, a “help desk” will be made available, along with a simplified deposit system and access requirements.

A “great value-sharing conference” rather than an increase in the tax rate on superprofits

The President has said that there would be a “big value-sharing conference,” which will take place within the parameters of the National Council for Refoundation. A tax on “superprofits” as proposed by the left is, according to what I heard, preferable to a “work needed” approach. Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his support for a mechanism at the European level known as a “temporary contribution mechanism,” which would make it possible to fund aid mechanisms notwithstanding the effects of inflation.

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Macron believes there is no “existential” link between immigration and national security, but he is nonetheless pushing for stricter regulations.

Because France has “always had immigrants” and continues to have them “integrated,” the president does not believe that there is a necessary connection between immigration and insecurity. However, he claims that “at least half of the violations” in Paris are committed by “people who are immigrants either in an irregular status or awaiting permits.” It is required, as a result, to integrate “far faster” those individuals who want to stay in good conditions, but to “toughen things up.” The goal set by Emmanuel Macron is to deport “one hundred percent” of “the most dangerous” illegal immigrants.

Students are impacted by the price hike as well. And “much like with the Covid crisis,” the CEO wishes to provide support for those who are in the most vulnerable positions. The one-euro meal scheme, which was implemented during the outbreak, is going to be expanded to include the dining halls at universities. In the meantime, there will be “reinforcement” of the “targeted help.”

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