Martinez vows protests against the pension reform, and he means it.

Philippe Martinez, a guest of the “LCI-RTL-Le Figaro Grand Jury,” has stated his continued opposition to the pension plan that the government has promised to pass in January 2023. This comes as no surprise. “There should be no rise in either the retirement age or the number of years that go toward the contribution total. The head of the CGT expressed his displeasure at not having his argument taken into consideration even though all other labor organizations share his view on this matter. And this is happening at the same time that the right-leaning Senate voted on Saturday in favor of a pension reform that would raise the legal retirement age to 64 years old. This goes against the advice of the government, which prefers consultation in preparation for its reform in the early years of 2023.

Concerning the issue of the employment of older citizens, which is going to be discussed in the first round of consultation between the administration and the social partners, the labor organizer has expressed his skepticism. “Large corporations typically request that employees quit the company after they reach the age of 57 or 58. We, what we say, is “keep seniors working till they are 60,” and we believe that this will decrease the difficulties that seniors face in finding employment. However, we do not have a response to it. he continues. He concludes by saying, “Emmanuel Macron has not changed at all,” and he promises once again that there will be aggressive mobilizations in the upcoming weeks. It is his warning that “We will see together, with the other unions, the forms of action.”

The motivation of Staff Members

When asked about the merits of the most recent strikes, in particular the one that took place at the RATP last Thursday, which penalizes a large number of people in France, the CGT operator assumes the following: he assures that “mobilization days are used to support all those who are on strike and are not talked about,” he assures. The trade unionist who believes that salaries should be indexed to inflation believes that employees would not have been able to win salary increases in the absence of mobilization. This a notion that is held by Nupes, but one that does not motivate Philippe Martinez to look for a common front. He makes the judgment that Jean-Luc Mélenchon can be outrageous and even sectarian at times.

The number one of the CGT has now acknowledged that “there is a broad problem of the meaning of work, of employee motivation” in response to the widespread phenomenon known as “great resignation,” which is prevalent throughout Western cultures. And to cite the example of a nurse who left her profession after twenty-seven years of employment, explaining that “I can't take it anymore, they make me do anything,” we have the story of a woman who worked as a nurse and said she quit because “they make me do anything.” “.

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