OM, PSG, Bordeaux… How much does it cost to watch all of your team’s matches on TV?

This is the moment long awaited by football fans. The French Ligue 1 football championship for the 2022-2023 season begins on Friday August 5 with the Lyon-Ajaccio poster. But to be able to enjoy the show and follow your favorite team on television throughout the season, you will have to get your hands on the wallet. All club competitions are broadcast on pay channels. To be able to enjoy all the Ligue 1 matches, it is even necessary to combine two subscriptions (Canal+ and Prime Video). Between the proliferation of broadcasters and subscription offers that vary regularly, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. So to help you follow your favorite team without breaking the bank (too much), follow the guide.

Your team is playing in the Ligue 1 championship

The French Ligue 1 championship is broadcast this season by two media: Canal +, the historic broadcaster of French football, and Prime Video, the “newbie” who has offered Ligue 1 since last season. In detail, Canal+ broadcasts two matches exclusively (Friday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m.). The other eight matches of each day, including the prestigious Sunday evening poster, are available on Prime Video, the e-commerce giant's streaming platform. As you will have understood, to follow all the matches of your favorite team in Ligue 1, you will therefore need to combine two subscriptions.

How much does it cost ?

the Amazon Ligue 1 pass, which provides access to L1 matches via the Prime Video application, is on sale until August 28 at a price of 89 euros per season. The Amazon Prime subscription, which is essential to be able to subscribe to the L1 Pass, is priced at 49 euros per year until September 15. Which is already 138 euros. To find the cheapest Canal + subscription, you have to turn to the digital offers of the encrypted channel. The 100% Canal + offer is currently available at the price of 20.99 euros per month for one year (24-month commitment). Following all the matches of your favorite team in Ligue 1 this season will cost you a total of 390 euros for one year.


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Your team plays in the Ligue 1 championship and the Champions League

If you support PSG, OM or AS Monaco (who are playing in the preliminary round), congratulations: your team will play in the Champions League this season. On the other hand, your wallet will become disillusioned. If Canal + broadcasts the two best posters of each day of the most prestigious of European competitions, all the other matches are broadcast on the Bein Sport channel. To be sure not to miss any match of your favorite team this season, you must therefore subscribe to the Bein Sport channel, in addition to Prime Video and Canal Plus subscriptions which allow you to follow Ligue 1.

How much does it cost ?

Canal + plus offers a Canal + Sport package, which includes the Canal + channels and the Bein Sport channel, at the price of 34.99 euros per month for one year (24-month commitment). You will need to add to this the Pass Ligue 1 subscription from Amazon (89 euros per year for Amazon Prime customers) to also follow the adventures of your team in Ligue 1. As well as, as before, the subscription to Amazon Premium (49 euros) if you are not already a customer. Following all the matches of the season of your qualified team in the Champions League will cost you a total of 558 euros for one year.

Your team plays in Ligue 1 and competes in the Europa League or the Europa Conference League

This season, at least three French clubs (Rennes, Nice and Nantes) will participate in the “small” European cups, namely the Europa League and the Europa League Conference. These two competitions are broadcast in full on the RMC Sport channel (Canal + and W9 also broadcast the best poster of each day). If you are a supporter of Rennes, Nice or Nantes, you have no choice but to subscribe to RMC Sport to follow the European adventures of your favorite team.

How much does it cost ?

Unfortunately, there is no pack combining the RMC Sport and Canal + channels. You will therefore have to subscribe to three different channels to follow all of your team's matches: the Ligue 1 pass from Prime Video (138 euros per season including the Amazon Prime subscription), Canal+ (20.99 euros per month) and therefore RMC Sport, which offers a digital subscription at 19 euros per month (12-month commitment). Following all the matches of your favorite team in Ligue 1 and the Europa League this season will cost you the tidy sum of 618 euros for one year.


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Your team plays in Ligue 2

The Ligue 2 championship, where the clubs of Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne are playing in particular this season, is broadcast by the Bein Sport channels (two best posters of each day) and Prime Video (all the other matches + the Saturday multiplex). As you will have understood, it will therefore be necessary to combine the two subscriptions in order to be able to follow all the matches of your favorite club in Ligue 2.

How much does it cost ?

Ligue 2 matches are included in the Prime Video Ligue 1 pass (138 euros per year including the Amazon Prime subscription). We must therefore add to this the Bein Sport subscription (15 euros per month without commitment). Following your all the matches of your favorite team in Ligue 2 will cost you 318 euros (over one year).

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