Paris: one hour visit by tuk-tuk charged 160 euros

Guided tours in Paris can rapidly turn into a swindle. Our colleagues from Parisian were able to experience it, by slipping into the shoes of tourists who have come to visit the capital. The objective of the day: embark on one of the many tuk-tuks in the capital. And with this flood of vehicles, it is more than necessary to play the competition. The rates offered might range from simple to fivefold, as can the length of the tours offered.

Fanciful prices scratched-off price lists… A driver of Romanian origin will even provide the service for two at 160 euros or 80 euros per person. Faced with the frown of journalists, the man dizzily lowers his price to 100 euros each visit. A bit further, near the Pont d'Iéna (16th arrondissement), the 30-minute stroll is provided at 70 euros. Prices at the head of the client.

Precisely, tourists likewise remain in the dark. And on arrival, the surprise can be enormous. “The driver assured us it was a cab. He just gave us the price but did not specify per person or for the two of us. He does not speak much English. It is accurate what people say when they say things like “there is no price posted, I hadn't paid attention “, pointing out two female English speakers. Others find enjoyment in playing this game of negotiations, which has resulted in the prices dropping from 125 euros to 30 euros in a matter of minutes.

Thankfully, some drivers play by the rules and adhere to a predetermined rate schedule. “The fare is 40 euros up to the Champs-Élysées. The price of the tour, which includes ten landmarks, is 80 euros “, provides information about the Parisian who is self-employed and works for City tuk-tuk, with the support' sign being easily seen on the left. Before issuing a caution on these “Tourist Scammers: “Those who offer you a charge per person are trying to rip you off! The cost listed is for the automobile.” Particularly because this raises concerns about the customers' safety. The driver is offended by the statement that “the drivers have no plate, no license, some don't have paperwork, and presumably don't have insurance.” The driver deplores the zealousness with which the police pursue the official drivers.

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