RATP gives bus drivers who labour 450 euros.

Absenteeism has been a problem for the Parisian transport authority for some weeks, which has caused considerable disruption to the bus network. This measure was put into place to combat this issue. There are three million people who utilize the RATP bus network daily. RATP is the autonomous transport body for the city of Paris. These passengers have been experiencing difficulties in their commute for several weeks. Because an increasing number of machinist employees are taking time off due to illness, the capacity of the bus network is being reduced by a solid quarter, and the RATP is still having trouble recruiting new staff. A representative for the RATP told Figaro that the management decided to establish a bonus with a cumulative total of 450 euros to “welcome the commitment and investment of the bus drivers present.” In this context, the management decided to set up the bonus. He is adamant that there would be no consequences for those who do not show up.

This one-time-only special wage bonus will be handed out in stages over three months, beginning in October 2022 and continuing through December 2022. Every employee who worked their full schedule during October and was not absent will receive 100 euros; if they remain absent-free through the end of November, they will receive an additional 150 euros; and if they remain absent-free through the end of December, they will receive an additional 200 euros.

The gadget has caused the RATP, which defends its legality, to receive some trepidation from the group's unions, who are questioning whether or not it is legitimate. According to the spokeswoman for the organization, “every employer is permitted to define the terms of payment of this type of attendance incentive,” provided that absences, regardless of the cause for them, are treated in the same manner. This is something that is now the case. A legally recognized premise that was verified by labor attorney Thierry Merillat. According to him, “The payment of the bonus may be conditional on attendance, provided that this criterion is not discriminatory and that it applies to all absences that are not treated as actual working time.” He also adds that “the payment of the bonus may be conditional on attendance.”

Case law makes no exceptions for the right to strike; the only exemption is for maternity leave. Employees will not be eligible for the incentive if they miss any work due to participation in a strike. On the other hand, five RATP unions have called for a massive strike in the transportation sector to take place on November 10. Thierry Merillat comes to the conclusion that the right to strike may be protected by the constitution and that “the reasonably clear law” states that an absence caused by a strike must be deducted from the payment of an attendance bonus.

This attendance bonus, in addition to the other measures and efforts that have already been taken to attract additional drivers, is being brought to everyone's attention by the group, which will be led by former Prime Minister Jean Castex. Internally, we mention things like “partnerships with job boards and with the employment center,” as well as “poster campaigns,” “cooptation,” “job dating,” and “the formation of job forums.” Over their part, the unions have been demanding for the past few weeks that fresh compensation increases be implemented, as well as improvements to working conditions.

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