Rennes’ second metro line opens Tuesday.

This new infrastructure, according to the mayor of the city, will make it possible to respond to the “social and environmental emergency.”

15: That is the total number of brand-new metro stations that will open for service in the French city of Rennes as of tomorrow morning. The opening of a second metro line is scheduled for five in the morning. This is the route “Nathalie Appéré, the current mayor of Rennes and president of Rennes Métropole, is quoted as saying that the organisation was “born of a strong political will to serve all of the neighbourhoods of the town.” Who is it that argues that this line b should be “”a revolution of proximity,” stretching from Cesson-Sévigné to Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande via Rennes, “(guaranteeing) to the inhabitants (…) better access to employment, housing, and services,” The agglomeration of the city, which is now being supported by Le Figaro, is further evidence that it is “a substantial endeavour for which Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate for Transport, will travel in order to oversee, for which the trip is being planned.

An infrastructure that, similar to the TGV line that “links Rennes to Paris” in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes,” “is one of those major projects that nurture pride and attachment”from Rennes to”their territory.” “. The city has been planning to build this line since 2001, and it is currently discussing investments to meet the requirements “the humanitarian as well as environmental crisis» With the goal of transporting 110,000 passengers each day, 4,000 per hour, and per direction, while having an impact on 73% of Rennes's resident population. “According to the official presentation, “the accomplishment of line A, which was launched in March of 2002, has reaffirmed the concept of establishing a second line.” Therefore, the goal of Rennes Métropole is to have 25% more people using public transportation by the year 2025 and to have more than 110 million trips taken annually by that same year. Additionally, the conglomeration stipulates that works of art will be used to embellish the stations.

“Economic Spillovers” to be Anticipated

In addition to improvements to its physical infrastructure, the city of Rennes anticipates “economic benefits, employment, social integration, and environmentally friendly practises.” It works nicely “in the course of the process of developing the economic activity of the metropolitan area in order to link jobs and housing». Additionally, in order to “improve the frequency and amplitude of certain lines,” the bus network will be “redeployed.” “i.e. an offer strengthened by 8%,” with an increased service of 200,000 kilometres per year. On a more practical level, the total cost of the project will be 1.342 billion dollars, of which the metropolitan area will contribute 1.096 billion. And will have rallied 764 businesses and created 7,500 positions that are equivalent to full-time work. Regarding the Rennes metropolitan area, “Despite the fact that the health crisis has caused the project's implementation to be delayed, it was originally planned to take place earlier. Without adding more to the overall cost.

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