Retirement, back-to-school bonus… when will you benefit from the new purchasing power aids?

Faced with galloping inflation (+6.1% over one year in July, according to INSEE), the government is multiplying its nudges. Several series of measures, such as the 4% increase in basic pensions and social benefits, the abolition of the TV license fee or the payment of an exceptional back-to-school bonus, have been put in place under the power law. of purchase and the amending finance law for 2022, both promulgated on August 17.

Other provisions, such as the revaluation of 4% of student grants and the maintenance of the tariff shield on energy prices, were decided by decree. Finally, a new regulatory text acknowledging the extension and increase of the fuel discount has just been published in the Official Journal, this Tuesday, August 23. To help you see things more clearly, Capital provides an update on the timetable for the application of each of these measures.

August 30: first payment of the revaluation of student grants

The measure was not enacted within the framework of the two laws aimed at protecting the purchasing power of the French but by decree, during the summer. Like basic retirement pensions and social benefits and minima, scholarships based on social criteria will also be increased by 4% for the 2022-2023 academic year. An advance payment of the September monthly payment including this revaluation will be made on August 30 for scholarship recipients whose student social file, administrative registration included, has been finalized (file returned on time to the Crous with all the necessary documents) before August 25 .


Student grants: the 4% increase formalized for the start of the school year

September 1: an even more generous fuel discount

Originally, the fuel discount was to give way at the start of the school year to more targeted aid for large and more modest riders. But faced with soaring energy prices, the government finally took the decision to extend this boost and even to revise its amount upwards. From September 1 to October 31, the discount will drop to 30 cents per liter (including tax) – whatever the fuel -, against 18 cents since April. the decree implementing this measure was published on Tuesday 23 August.

With the aid of 20 cents announced by TotalEnergies from the start of the school year, it will then be possible to save up to 50 cents on each liter of fuel purchased at the brand's service stations. That is the equivalent of 16 euros on a 50-litre tank of petrol, taking into account the fuel prices currently in force. The government and tanker boosts will be reduced to 10 cents per liter from November 1. Before disappearing at the end of the year. Let's hope that prices at the pump will have returned to their pre-crisis level by then.

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Early September: basic pension and social benefits increased by 4%

The 4% increase in basic retirement pensions, benefits and social minima is supposed to be effective since July. But in fact, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of September to benefit from it. Indeed, the organizations in charge of paying these benefits (Cnav, Caf, Pôle emploi, etc.) waited for the promulgation of the “purchasing power law” and the 2022 amending budget to apply these revaluations.

For example, for beneficiaries of social benefits managed by the Caf (RSA, AAH, family allowances, activity bonus, etc.), the revaluation will be visible, as a general rule, during the payment on Monday, September 5, which corresponds to the benefit of August. The family allowance funds have been paying the amount corresponding to the July revaluation since August 18. Note that for APL, the schedule will be the same but with a lower increase (+3.5%). Retirees will have to wait for the payment on Friday, September 9, which corresponds to the August retirement, to receive their first basic pension increased by 4%, as well as the July catch-up.


Retirement, RSA, activity bonus… when will the 4% revaluation be paid to you?

September 15: the back-to-school bonus paid to nearly 11 million households

Households receiving housing aid and social minima (RSA, AAH, Aspa, etc.), as well as scholarship students, will receive payment of exceptional solidarity aid (AES) on Thursday, September 15. In the amount of 100 euros per household, it is increased by 50 euros per child. For example, a couple with two children will get 200 euros from the state.

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Renamed “back-to-school bonus” by the media, this one-off aid from the Borne government, which will be paid to nearly 11 million households, should not be confused with the back-to-school allowance (ARS) which is awarded each year in August. to modest families. And this, to enable them to buy school materials and clothes for their children during the start of the school year.

Last point: the beneficiaries of the activity bonus, who do not receive the social minima (in particular the RSA), will also benefit from specific aid in the fall, announced the government, but its amount and the precise date of its disbursement still remain unknown.


Back-to-school bonus: here are the households that will benefit from it

November 15: end of the TV license fee

The payment of the television license fee, contribution to public broadcasting, occurs each year, at the same time as that of the housing tax. This year, it should therefore have taken place on November 15 (or December 15 for those benefiting from special relief or who live in a small town). But good news, as part of the amending finance bill for 2022, the TV license fee, which makes it possible to finance France Télévisions, Radio France and TV5 Monde in particular, has been abolished. From this fall, you will therefore no longer have to pay the 183 euros in TV license fees (88 euros in Overseas France).

Until the end of 2022: maintenance of the tariff shield on energy prices

The government has undertaken, by decree, to maintain until the end of the year the tariff shield on energy prices, put in place in November 2021. As a reminder, gas tariffs are frozen on their last October's level and the rise in electricity prices is capped at 4%.

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Until June 2023: rent increases capped

In the same logic as for energy prices, the purchasing power law provides for the establishment of a rent shield, which consists, beyond revaluing the APLs, of capping the increase in rents at 3, 5% between July 2022 and June 2023. Overseas territories and Corsica will benefit from a reinforced rent shield, with an increase limited to 2.5% and 1.5% respectively.


Inflation: does the rent shield allow a fair sharing of the effort between landlords and tenants?

And also…

Several measures aimed at protecting employees' portfolios from inflation have, in theory, entered into force the day after the promulgation of the purchasing power law and the amending budget for 2022. Thus, they can already request their employer to convert their RTT not taken into remuneration. A possibility granted for rest days acquired between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2025. Still in the logic of “working more to earn more”, the tax exemption ceiling for overtime and additional hours has currently been raised by 5,000 euros, at 7,500 euros. And this, from this year and in a sustainable way.

Another boost granted to employees: the possibility of releasing in advance up to 10,000 euros in employee savings, net of tax and social security contributions. The only conditions: the withdrawal must be made before December 31, 2022 and the sums collected in this context must be used to finance the purchase of one or more goods or the supply of one or more services. Finally, employees can now use their restaurant tickets to purchase any type of food product, “whether or not it is directly consumable”, as provided for by the purchasing power law. Until now, only food ready to be consumed immediately, such as sandwiches or salads, could be paid for by meal vouchers. This new rule will apply until December 31, 2023.

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