Retirement, RSA, activity bonus… when will the 4% revaluation be paid to you?

It is now done. The purchasing power law, which provides for a series of measures aimed at supporting household portfolios in the face of inflation, was published in the Official Journal on Wednesday 17 August. The provisions of this text can therefore now apply. Among them, we find in particular the exceptional revaluation of 4% of the basic pension and benefits and social minima. The measure is retroactive, with entry into force scheduled for July 1.

But due to the date of publication of the law and the calendar followed by the organizations for the payment of the benefits, the revaluation of 4% has not yet been allocated to the various recipients. basic pension, RSA back-to-school allowance… here is the date on which the increase will be effective in your bank account.

Basic pension

Basic retirement pensions are paid on the 9th of the following month. For example, the May pension was paid on June 9. The revaluation of 4% applies from the retirement of July, in theory, it should have been visible during the payment of August 9. However, the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) having waited for the promulgation of the law to apply the revaluation, the latter will only be effective upon payment of the retirement for August, September 9. In August, you, therefore, received a “normal” pension, without revaluation. As indicated by the Retirement Insurance on its site the amount corresponding to the revaluation of the pension for July will be paid retroactively, also on September 9.

With one exception, however. For retirees who depend on the Alsace-Moselle retirement and occupational health insurance fund (Carsat), the basic pension is paid every 1st of the month. The 4% revaluation will therefore be visible when the payment is made on 1 September. The catch-up of the revaluations of July and August will be carried out on this same date.

RSA, AAH, activity bonus, family allowances…

The active solidarity income (RSA), family allowances, allowance for disabled adults (AAH) and the activity bonus are paid on the 5th of the following month by the family allowance funds (Caf). As for the basic pension, given the date of publication of the law, the revaluation of 4% could not be applied for the benefits paid on August 5. You will therefore have to wait for the payment of September 5, which corresponds to your benefit for August, to fully benefit from it.

As for the catch-up of the revaluation of July, it will be paid “automatically from August 18”, specifies the Caf on its site.

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Note that for personalized housing assistance (APL), the schedule will be the same, but the level of revaluation will be lower. As part of the amending finance law for 2022, also published on Wednesday, it is planned to increase it by 3.5%.

Back-to-school allowance

This year, recipients of back-to-school allowance (ARS) will perceive it in two stages. Indeed, the family allowance funds have already made the first payment on August 2 in Mayotte and Reunion, then this Tuesday august 16 in metropolitan France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Guyana.

But the amount allocated during this first payment does not include the 4% revaluation. This will be paid a second time, “at the beginning of September 2022, at the same time as the monthly payment of the other benefits”, according to the site of the government. That is September 5.

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