Shortage of gasoline: where to find a gas station to fill up?

FIG DATA – As a result of a strike at TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil, several gas stations in France are currently experiencing fuel shortages. Here is how to locate local outlets of sale that still have diesel and unleaded gasoline in stock near you.

The lines of cars waiting to fill their tanks are a common sight at gas stations. “There I woke up at 4 in the morning to be able to hunt for gasoline, I'll be waiting for 4 hours,” a witness was reported as saying by AFP. “I'll be waiting for four hours.” Parisian gas stations place a limit of 30 euros on the amount of fuel a single customer can purchase, other gas stations that take advantage of this fact to advertise prices that are higher than 2 euros per liter, traffic jams on highways that stretch for several hundred meters, horn concerts… Since two weeks ago, the French have had an increasingly difficult time obtaining fuel daily. As of today, Monday, thirty percent of service stations are now being impacted, with significantly more challenges being experienced in the northern portion of the country. Particularly impacted is the department of Hauts-de-France (54.8% of resorts). According to the Ministry of Energy Transition, the second region that is having trouble is the Île-de-France area. In this region, 44.9% of resorts do not have at least one product in stock.

Where can I find a gas station that is fully stocked?

The fact that 30% of people are affected validates the fact that the situation is becoming worse. Olivier Véran, the spokesman for the government, indicated on Wednesday that 12% of stations were affected by this issue. According to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister of Energy Transition, we had increased to 15% on Thursday, and then to 19% on Friday. This was reported by the government. The Ministry of Energy Transition announced on Saturday that 20.7% of service stations were having trouble obtaining supplies.

In addition to the data collected by the government, you may also access those collected by the website The map is kept up to date using the information that users submit, and it enables users to conduct city-specific searches to see which fuels are currently unavailable at a certain location's numerous service stations.

The government is keeping a careful eye on the developing scenario.

Elisabeth Borne gave an assurance on Sunday, amid a trip to Algeria, that the supply tensions in fuel at service stations were going to “improve throughout the week,” as the arrival of “deliveries” from in particular “strategic stocks” French. Borne was speaking in the context of a trip that she was taking to Algeria. “We released strategic inventories” of fuels to supply gas stations, and “these deliveries are coming gradually,” she stated. “These deliveries are coming gradually.” The leader of the government further emphasized that “the actions we have taken have raised delivery by 20% compared to the regular flows,” and he advised the public to “closely observe” the development of the situation.

On Tuesday, the CGT will begin the strike again.

The issue is not getting any better for the time being. According to union sources reported by AFP, the strike at TotalEnergies over salaries was restarted on Monday and will continue through Tuesday. Additionally, the walkout has been expanded to approximately fifteen highway service stations of the Argedis network, which is a subsidiary of TotalEnergies.

The movement was carried over to the Normandy refinery, which is near Le Havre, to the Flandres fuel depot, which is near Dunkirk, and to the “bio-refinery” from La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône), according to Thierry Dufresne, CGT secretary of the TotalEnergies European committee. He told AFP that 15 service stations of the Argedis network “will be closed” on Tuesday as a result of the movement.

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