SNCF offers promotions on its Young, Adult and Senior cards

Even if the holidays are over, or about to end for thousands of French people, the SNCF has decided to make a move on one of its most attractive services: the Avantage cards. As relayed RTL, the railway company chose the end of August to put its three Young (12-27 years old), Adult (27-59 years old) and Senior (over 60 years old) passes on sale at half price. However, the offer is not permanent, because to benefit from it, customers only have seven days from this Tuesday, August 23. The operation will end on Monday, August 29. An interesting operation for the wallet of the French because the card is offered at a price of 25 euros instead of the usual 49 euros.

All the more interesting when you know that the SNCF Advantage cards are often profitable in one or two trips generally. As a reminder, valid for one year, the card offers reductions of 30% on the price of Intercités train or TGV tickets or even 60% for children aged 4 to 11 accompanied by adults. In addition, prices are capped in second class on all French destinations regardless of the time and day of the reservation. Thus, as the SNCF specifies, prices are capped at 39 euros for journeys of less than 1h30, 59 euros for those between 1h30 and 3h and 79 euros for those of more than three hours.


SNCF: pros will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the Avantage card

Lots of discounts

These cards also offer other advantages such as last minute offers on “no flex” journeys (non-flexible offers), but also 30% reductions on journeys to Italy, Luxembourg, Germany or Switzerland. and up to 50% in certain regions on certain TER. Finally, these cards offer -15% on catering on board trains, on the Junior & Cie service (where entertainers accompany the children when they travel alone) as well as on the “My Baggage” service (to have them transported to the door door) and on the “My Location” service with the rental company Avis.


Carte Avantage: The CEO of the SNCF defends his offer in the face of criticism from subscribers

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