SNCF Réseau recruits in 24 hours

The business schedules meetings with a dozen prospective employees, as well as a recruiter, an operational person, and a psychologist, to circumvent procedures that take too much time.

“A job in 24 hours”: the operation, which was led by SNCF Réseau, which is in charge of the management of the railways, began on May 23 in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). Before stages in Bordeaux (Gironde), Lyon (Rhône), Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Mantes (Yvelines), while Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), Trappes (Yvelines) or Rennes (Ille -et-Vilaine).

The guiding principle Candidates should be gathered with a small group of recruitment professionals, company staff, and psychologists, and an attempt should be made to woo the best profiles in just one day.

According to Misco Yoon, who serves as the general director of human resources for SNCF Réseau, “tensions on the job market affect all of our businesses and the majority of the major population pools.” The adoption of a more agile strategy helps to boost the allure of our company. The individuals being considered for employment (the “nuggets”) should not have the impression that the selection process will take several weeks.

2500 recruitment in 2022

Both the company and the candidates will benefit from this opportunity. The former receive a prompt response from SNCF Réseau and are aware of what to anticipate in the future. As for the company, as a result, it is pressuring itself to become more productive and quick. Since the beginning of the year, there have been approximately thirty recruits.

The year 2022 marks a turning point for SNCF Réseau in terms of recruitment, which is important because the company employs 53,000 people. The number of new employees the company intends to hire will increase to 2,500 in 2019, up from 1,800 in 2021.

Sixty percent of new employees begin their careers in maintenance and work activities, followed by thirty percent in operation and traffic, and then ten percent in design offices and engineering.

A total of four months spent in training

The “A job in 24 hours” operation focuses its attention on certain points in the flow of traffic. Because SNCF Réseau has its campuses in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), Saint-Priest (Rhône), and Bègles (Gironde), training for these professions is not required upstream because the company provides the necessary know-how. Before a recruit can begin contributing to an organization, they must go through a training period that lasts for a total of four months.

According to Misco Yoon, the referral trades encompass a wide variety of different activities. When we think of levers, we usually think of mechanical ones, but there is also, and perhaps most importantly, the handling of technological tools. The campuses are cutting-edge facilities that have been built to the point where they are capable of simulating the full complexity of the rail network.

Very unlikely to be in error

According to the general manager of human resources, “twenty-four hours may seem like a bit of a short amount of time to identify a personality, its potential, and its future skills.” However, the teams that have been assembled these days are accustomed to the exercise that is being insisted upon. When the perspectives of a recruiter, an operational manager, and a psychologist converge, there is a slim chance that the conclusion will be incorrect.

The “promotion” that is assembled for each operation typically consists of a dozen people from the area where the operation is going to take place. This is the general rule. The format is meant to be educational as well as user-friendly; candidates, for instance, will have the opportunity to go inside a signal box. “We seek to at least as much to recruit as we do to retain: the audience must be able to project themselves into a business career and not just rejoice at the promise of a job,” said the speaker.

An endeavor concerning money

Since the year 2020, SNCF Réseau has stopped recruiting candidates with the status of a railway worker. This provides him with more leeway to modify the compensation by the profiles.

“In addition to the monetary aspect, the search for meaning that is important to young workers finds fertile ground with us.

believes Misoo Yoon. In addition to the completion of service projects, it is important to make a direct contribution to the transition toward a more environmentally friendly society. Not to mention people who have been interested in the world of rail since they were very young and have found a way to get involved in it. »

This “24 hours for a job” initiative will not come to an end at the end of this year; on the contrary, it is planned to continue indefinitely, with the understanding that the company will continue to use the traditional method of conducting interviews in succession for certain positions.

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