So uncommon in the eyes of the National Gaming Authority

The chokehold begins to close in on So rare. The National Gaming Authority has just issued a warning to the platform that is used for virtual football card games (ANJ). According to BFM Business, the platform will be required to provide evidence that it is not comparable to a website that offers sports betting. The instance gave him until the fall in Sorare to provide evidence in support of his claim. “We issued a warning and asked for information from this company,” the statement read. We have already been provided with a string of arguments from them, all of which raise significant questions in our minds. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the representatives of Sorare have something exciting in store for us when the new school year begins. According to the ANJ's warning, “if this difficulty were to persist, we would be forced to take a position.”

Customers can acquire virtual cards of football players, which are sold in the form of NFT on the platform. More specifically: The customers have the option to speculate on the rise in price if they believe the sportsman's notoriety will continue to grow. The prices are determined by the uniqueness of the trading cards. After that, these cards can be utilized in online competitions. Participants have the opportunity to win prizes based on their performance and the statistics they accumulate during the match.

NFT: Kylian Mbappé has joined forces with the newly launched company So rare.

To be more specific, the ANJ has questions regarding this very last point. Article L320-1 of the Internal Security Code states, “All operations offered to the public, under any denomination whatsoever, to give rise to the hope of a gain which would be due, even partially, to change and for which a financial sacrifice is required on the part of the participants are deemed to be games of money and chance and are prohibited as such.” This states that “all operations offered to the public, under any denomination whatsoever, to give rise to the hope of a gain which would be due, even partially, to chance and for

In the IP risk report, NFTs have been rebranded as “JNF.”

So rare, for his part, rejects the idea that there is any connection between the two platforms. According to our research and interpretation of the laws, as they stand right now, Sorare does not come under the purview of the regulations that govern gambling. […] There is no such thing as “stake” or “financial sacrifice” on Sorare; it all depends on the outcome of the sporting event. When one of our Sorare cards is used in one of our fantasy games, it is never removed from play. This card can be played once or 500 times, both in the first season and in the tenth season,” the company says while defending itself in front of the microphone at BFMTV.

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