Soon new help for the purchase of an electric bike

It is done ! The 2022 amending finance bill was definitively adopted by parliamentarians on Thursday 4 August. The text contains a series of measures supposed to improve the purchasing power of the French. The deputies notably voted for an amendment proposed by the Renaissance group which reinforces the policy of support for the acquisition of a government bicycle. 5 million euros have thus been released to encourage the purchase of electric bicycles, in particular for low-income households living in rural areas.


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In detail, several already existing aids will be extended to as many people as possible from August 15 and until December 31, 2022. During this period, the conditions for access to the bonus paid by the State for the purchase of an electric bicycle will be relaxed. As of August 15, it will no longer be necessary to obtain aid from a local authority to be able to claim the “Bonus Velo” aid set up by the State. The purpose of this measure is to allow households living in rural areas, and who cannot benefit from aid from metropolitan areas, to still be able to claim state aid. In addition, the maximum state aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle, which is currently set at 200 euros, will be increased to 300 euros (the amount of the subsidy depends on the conditions of resources and the price of the bicycle ).

Increased premiums for low-income households

Another measure of the amendment: state aid (bike bonus bonus) for the purchase of an electric bike will be increased for the most precarious households and people with disabilities. Aid for the purchase of a VAE will thus be able to reach 400 euros for the income of the first and second deciles (net monthly salaries of around 1350 euros per month and less) from August 15. The state bonus “bonus other bikes”, which notably makes it possible to finance cargo bikes, which are more expensive than pedelecs, will also be increased for low-income households and people with disabilities. The premium may reach from August 15 the sum of 2,000 euros, against 1,000 euros currently (capped at 40% of the price of the bike).


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The conversion bonus, a state scheme which provides aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle in exchange for the scrapping of a petrol or diesel vehicle, will be extended to the purchase of one bicycle per person in the household (against only one bicycle per household currently).

Finally, the “other bicycle” bonus will be extended to folding bicycles in order to “promote bicycle-public transport intermodality”. The aid will be set at 1,000 euros within the limit of 40% of the cost of the bicycle, under the same conditions of resources as for the bicycle bonus. To find out if you are eligible for the various bicycle bonuses, go to the website.

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