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An error or an oversight can happen quickly. Fortunately, the tax authorities know how to be lenient in the event of an odd situation. If the information contained in your income tax return completed in the spring is inaccurate, you will not suffer…provided, of course, that you do what is necessary. Good news: after the closure of the declaration service on June 29, you can already rectify the situation and make changes to your online form on the website. This telecorrection service has been open since August 3 and will be closed on December 14 2022. Note that this possibility is offered exclusively on the tax administration website, and not on the smartphone or tablet application.


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On, all you have to do is go to your private space. Once connected using your tax number and your password, or via France Connect, all you have to do is click on the cell “Access the online correction” and modify the elements relating to your expenses and income, dependents, tax reductions and credits (childcare expenses, donations to associations, etc.) or even your property wealth tax (IFI). Also affected in previous years, the box relating to the contribution to public broadcasting (CAP, ex-TV fee) can no longer be checked or unchecked for the good and simple reason that it will disappear in 2022. in correction”, is it logically specified in this part of the declaration.


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Changes to be declared otherwise

Be careful, online correction has its limits. If, for example, you moved in 2021 without having specified it in your initial declaration, it is impossible to do so in the telecorrection. “In the online correction procedure, address changes are not possible”, confirms the tax authorities. You can, however, report this modification in your “Secure Messaging”, then, under the “Write” tab, at “I am reporting a change in personal situation” and “I am changing my sending address”.


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Still in your secure messaging system, and under the heading change of personal situation, appears a line “I am changing my family situation (marriage, Pacs, birth, divorce, death…)”. To do this, go to the “Manage my direct debit at source” service, again in your secure space, then click on “Report a change in family situation”. It is in this same section on withholding tax that you can modify your bank details if they are no longer up to date.


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Changes to be made on paper

Finally, note that some changes must be recorded on the good old paper form. Thus, if you are having difficulty correcting elements relating to your family situation or changing your postal address on 1 January 2022, you have no choice but to send an amending declaration in paper format to your finance center. public, mentioning that it cancels and replaces your online declaration. This document, form 2042, can be downloaded from or can be obtained from your public finance centre.

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Finally, and without surprise, if you have declared your income on paper, it is also on paper that you must correct your erroneous information. Either by sending a letter to your personal tax department, or by sending them a new declaration with the words “RECTIFICATIVE, CANCELLED AND REPLACED DECLARATION” on the first page. As the form is blank, and not pre-filled, you must then copy all the elements appearing in your first declaration and make the changes yourself.

In all these cases, a new tax notice will be sent to you by post within three weeks of your corrections.

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