Taxes: good surprise in September for 6.2 million households

Good news for the French wallet. Within the next fortnight, nearly 6.2 million households who had chosen the monthly payment will receive a refund of taxes under the contribution to public broadcasting, commonly called “television fee”, abolished in recent years. weeks, report The echoes Monday, August 22. The bill debated in recent months, the purpose of which is to put an end to the financing of public broadcasting through taxes, was finally adopted by the National Assembly and validated by the Constitutional Council during the month of august. Concretely, Bercy should transfer to the bank accounts of the households concerned the sums which had already been deducted in 2022 for the monthly payment of the TV license fee, collected at the same time as the housing tax.


Public audiovisual: the abolition of the fee validated by the deputies, replaced by a levy of a fraction of VAT

Depending on your situation, you may therefore see a transfer in your favor to your bank account. If you were already completely exempt from housing tax and you are monthly paid, you should be reimbursed for the sums paid in the first months of 2022. If you are one of the 20% of French people who still pay housing tax, doomed to disappear in 2023, the amount already paid in respect of the TV license fee will be subtracted from that due in respect of the housing tax. For all those who are not paid monthly, the 138 euros (88 euros for the overseas departments) will simply not be payable this year.


Abolition of the TV license fee: what are the revenues collected with VAT used for?

The abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting was presented by the government as a measure to protect the purchasing power of the French, undermined by inflation at 6.1%. Alongside the end of the TV license fee, other aids or increases have been decided, such as that of basic pensions increased by 4%, the unfreezing of the index point for civil servants increased to 3.5%, or the 30 cents per liter of fuel which will be paid for by the State from September 1, against 18 cents currently.


Fuel prices: diesel goes back a few days from the 30 cents discount

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