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The Rich Baby (hereinafter the portal) and its content are owned by EDITORIAL The Rich Baby, hereinafter TRB or belongs to third parties, natural or legal entities that legally license TRB , such as the content of national and international news agencies and advertisements. Its total or partial reproduction, its translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through analog, digital means or any other system or technology created or to be created, without the prior and written authorization or of its owner, if so, is prohibited. requires and / or TRB about its contents.

Access, participation and use of the Portal is free and is governed by the terms and conditions included below, which are understood to be known and accepted by the users of the Portal, hereinafter, the User.


Contents, among others, will be understood as texts, notices, still and moving images, animations, videos, infographics, cartoons, graphics, databases, crosswords, and in general information and intellectual property rights, found on the “Portal “

The User permanently grants TRB a free, non-exclusive use license for the reproduction, adaptation, compilation, storage and distribution of the contents provided by him through this Internet page and expressly authorizes their publication. in the print version of any of the TRB publications . TRB will acknowledge the User's authorship of the content provided. TRB may sublicense the same contents to its affiliates and subsidiaries. The User guarantees that the contents supplied are his own, that he is not violating the copyrights of third parties and that he will hold TRB harmless. and its sublicensees against any claim that arises during its use.

The USERS will guarantee that they are the exclusive owners of the contents that enter TRB's sites , therefore, they will come out in defense of TRB in case of any requirement or claim made by a third party or any authority, in addition, they will respond for the damages that such actions were to cause TRB .

In the event that any user or third party decides to file a lawsuit against TRB , its director, related to, or derived from, the information, content, opinion or comment from another User and / or from a third party outside of TRB , TRB . may present the present Clause as an exception of INEXISTENCE OF THE OBLIGATION , since between TRB . and the users and / or third parties there is no relationship, since the comments, opinions, blogs, chats, forums and columns are the sole and complete responsibility of the person who prepares them.

The advertising, offers and products that appear on www.therichbaby.com are the sole responsibility of the advertiser and / or offerer. TRB is not responsible for its content, quality and The User accepts and understands that any claim must be presented to the advertiser or notice payer.

The User acknowledges that TRB does not assume any responsibility that corresponds to an advertiser and / or the provider of the services offered on the Portal, it being understood that TRB is not responsible for the quality or delivery of the products or provision of services that are posted on this site.

For this reason, it will not be responsible for any problem, complaint or claim of users for questions related to said products or services.


TRB does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the portal www.therichbaby.com . When reasonably possible, TRB will give prior notice of interruptions in the operation of the Portal. TRB does not guarantee the usefulness of the Portal for the performance of any particular activity, nor its infallibility and, in particular, although not exclusively, that Users can effectively use the Portal, access the different web pages or sections that make up the Portal. Consequently TRB is not responsible for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Portal's operation, to the fraud of the utility that Users may have attributed to the Portal and the services, to the fallibility of the Portal, and in particular, although not exclusively, to failures in accessing the different web pages or sections of the Portal.

TRB does not control or guarantee, and therefore is not responsible for, the presence of viruses or other elements in the contents of the Portal that may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) of the User or in electronic documents and files stored in the User's computer system.


TRB will not be responsible or exercise control over links or hyperlinks -internet pages- that can be accessed from its sites, if they do not belong to TRB and its affiliates, associates, allies or current and future controlling or controlled companies. Likewise, it will not guarantee the security, quality, reliability, veracity, technical support, and the content found on those WEB sites . It cannot be understood that the existence of a hyperlink that is not owned by TRB , generates for it links of association, collaboration or participation with the owners and / or responsible for these links.


Participation in forums, chats, comments and other similar spaces for participation within the Portal, imply acceptance and knowledge by the User of the Terms and Conditions of the Portal, as well as the irrevocable commitment of each User to respect said Terms and Conditions El Portal, being understood and agreed that exempt TRB and keep harmless TRB any liability arising from the breach of that commitment, including damages caused to other users and / or any third party concerned. If a User is not satisfied or in agreement with these Terms and Conditions of the Portal, TRB suggests not participating in it and / or in the Spaces.

Whoever holds the status of User must be of legal age and with the legal capacity to assume obligations, in addition, he agrees that at the time of making use of any tool or service provided by TRB on its Portal, he will act in good faith, in accordance with the law and principles such as morality, public order and good customs.

By entering the Portal and participating in any of its participation spaces, and to guarantee proper and proper use, the User must strictly comply with the following:

  • Observe Terms and Conditions and any other conditions established in this Portal.
  • Be responsible for any activity that takes place under your registration.
  • Not abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other users of the Portal either through chats, forums, blogs or any other participation space.
  • Not to use the Portal as a means to develop illegal or unauthorized activities both in Colombia and in any other country.
  • Be solely responsible for your conduct and for the content of the texts, graphics, photos, videos or any other type of information that you use or include in the Portal.
  • Use the Portal solely and exclusively for personal use. Any use for corporate or collective benefit is prohibited.
  • Refrain from sending unwanted email (SPAM) to other Users of this page, as well as transmitting viruses or any code of a destructive nature.
  • Channel your complaints, claims and reports through the “Contact” section
  • Not to publish content that incites, promotes, supports, defends or has the character of racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, terrorist, pornographic or that threatens the good name, honor and honor of people and, in general, that violates fundamental rights from third parties.
  • Do not use copyrighted materials or other material of any kind without the express permission of the owner of the material.
  • Do not use vulgar, defamatory, threatening, denigrating, crude, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair language, contains exaggerations or unconfirmed assertions, is unreasonably harmful or offensive against any person, individual or community, even if it is only identifiable.
  • Do not use texts, photographs or illustrations in bad taste, which violate the right to privacy and / or privacy.
  • Not to violate or promote the violation of any law, norm, international, national, departmental or municipal regulation.
  • You may not commercially promote or offer goods or services, except in sections of the Portal specifically designed for that purpose and in accordance with the method used to access it.

If any USER violates these use practices, either because TRB found out about it or because a third party notified them, TRB is empowered and reserves the right to withdraw the USER from chats, blogs, forums, discussions, chat systems. comments, polls, or any other tool or space for participation on the Portal.

Regardless of who and what published, TRB is not responsible for the facts published by USERS , nor for their opinions and / or appreciations in chats, blogs, forums, discussions, comment systems or in any other tool or service that it provides. on your Portal.

The comments and opinions issued by the USERS on the portal may be moderated and / or validated in order to preserve what is established in these use practices.

While these behaviors are prohibited in the Portal, TRB will not be responsible for monitoring to verify compliance, since the user when accessing the Portal and / or participating in any of its participation spaces, has the obligation to comply with them, assumes the responsibility for what you write and therefore will hold TRB harmless for all reasons.

It is known and accepted by the User, that if vulgar profanity is used in their texts, possibly harmful if they are recognized by the system, they will be automatically replaced by asterisks, which does not hold TRB responsible for the words, nor for the text content in which the system replaced or by what the system did not recognize and therefore did not replace and was published.

It is the right of TRB , to include or not in the Portal the material received from users at its discretion. In the case of including it, you may keep said material on the Portal for the period that you consider pertinent or modify it. Remove, the material received from users at their discretion either by unilateral decision of TRB or at the request of whoever feels affected with such information.


The Portal promotes active and free participation by Users, so that this is a friendly, peaceful, healthy and enriching environment for all its participants. TRB expects from each User the behavior and conduct that allows achieving such purpose, for which the User accepts and expressly and irrevocably empowers TRB to review the comments or opinions expressed in the Spaces and / or delete those that do not conform to the rules. of coexistence set out in the Terms and Conditions of the Portal, as well as to interrupt communication between users if it deems it appropriate, without thereby generating any responsibility for TRB for what was eliminated and / or interrupted or for what was left to review and / or delete byTRB and that they do not comply with the terms and conditions of the Portal.

The design, management, purpose and characteristics of the different participation spaces of the Portal is at the discretion of ” TRB “, who may at any time change and / or eliminate them, and / or determine the number of participants admitted to each of them.


The articles and opinion comments found on the TRB sites are free and their authors are solely and exclusively responsible, therefore, they do not compromise the editorial thinking of TRB . Thus, requests for rectification should be addressed to the author and not to TRB . However, it should be understood that the Rectification does not proceed on these, since by express statement of the Constitutional Court the opinion “does not know restrictions”, as they are personal assessments of the person who writes, in accordance with the conviction that the author has made an event, person or place.

TRB is not responsible for the legality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and certainty of opinion columns, opinions, chats and blogs that collaborators and users include in the Portal.


TRB will ensure compliance and compliance with these practices, and for the proper use that USERS make of its sites, therefore, any inappropriate, contradictory, malicious use, or that violates public order, the law, and the good customs, will be pursued, for which all actions and powers granted by national and international regulations will be exercised.


For any of the blogs hosted on the Portal, you as a user agree to respect and help comply with the community's rules of use:

  • Remember that this is a space for participation.
    Do not write texts, or upload images or any other material that violates human integrity.
  • Help build the community by filtering out bad comments; visiting the work of others so that others can visit yours; Responding to the comments that other users make within your blog in a coherent and respectful way, the objective is to build a dialogue around the proposed topics.
  • If you see anything unusual in the comments, blogs, reports, notes, etc. let us know.
  • Maintain the posting frequency that you committed to when opening your blog.
  • Identify yourself correctly. When you leave comments on someone else's blog, it is good etiquette to correctly identify yourself with a real name and email whenever possible. This encourages positive speech and healthy discussions.
  • Write in a clear and simple format. You don't have to be a talented writer to be a good blogger.
  • Writing in capital letters in the online community is considered shouting.
  • Using unconventional ways of writing does not build trust.
  • Allow your readers to contact you.
  • When you use any part of an article or blog it is very important that you give the necessary credits to its author. It is also good practice to mention the source and share your link with the reader.
  • Do not publish texts written by other people on your blog without a bibliographic citation.
  • Do not use photos, videos or materials that are not yours without obtaining the permission of the author. It is very important to follow copyright laws, whether they are copyleft or copyright.
  • Check your sources. If you are not sure of the validity of the information but still want to publish it, share your question instead of publishing it as fact.
  • Images and websites can usually be linked without the permission of the author, but each person should have their own rules regarding the direct links that they include. If you are unsure, remember that most sites or blogs will not let you do this without warning.
  • Correct your mistakes, post updates and clarifications when necessary. When these errors occur, accept them and post the changes and / or updates.
  • If you have a conflict of interest or are supporting a personal project, it's always best to say it up front. Your readers deserve to know the truth.

The promotions, contests, raffles and events that are implemented in the Portal will be subject to the rules and conditions that are established by TRB at each opportunity , being necessary as a minimum requirement to access such opportunities or commercial benefits, that the User is find it duly registered as a user of the Portal. TRB is not responsible for any type of damage -including moral, physical, material, or of any other nature- that could be invoked as related to the receipt by the Registered User of any type of gifts and / or gifts sent by TRB .


You can access and learn about our privacy policy and personal data processing in the privacy notice link available on our portal.


You can access and know the Terms and Conditions of the subscriptions to the Diario La República and / or the other products of TRB, and its related parties, associates, allies or current and future controlling or controlled companies in the link Terms and conditions for the delivery of subscriptions available on our portal.


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