The CGT’s social benefit isn’t widely adopted.

The CGT has issued a call to action to the French people to organize for better wages and pensions. A tactic that is contested by the other plants that are representative.

It is common knowledge that the beginning of the new social term for the CGT occurs approximately two weeks after the end of the Fête de Huma… This year, respect was shown for the tradition. On the 29th of September, workers from the Montreuil plant will be participating in a day of strikes and demonstrations in response to the ongoing dispute regarding salaries and pensions. At her side, in the head square behind the banners, will be the leaders of youth organizations (Unicef, Fidel, MNL, and the Voix lycéenne), including Solidaires and the FSU. However, there is no other union that is representative.

If they are not been tricked by the calculations of the agenda of the second central of France, its counterparts would have, for once, liked to be consulted before stopping the calendar of the festivities. This is assuming that the calculations do not fool them. “Philip, do you have any idea? You can tell us the date of the resumption of classes until 2035 as long as you continue to serve as secretary general. This way, we will be aware of it, and we will be able to purchase the flags, similar to how we purchase school bags before the start of the school year. Ironically directed to Philippe Martinez, the head of a rival power plant, who was the recipient of the message.


However, this was not enough to shake the confidence of the first member of the CGT, who stated that he was positive. “When I talk to activists, it gives me peace of mind. The secretary general of the plant responds, “No one has asked me what's going to happen on the 29th; everyone seems to be aware and prepared.” In addition, it is important to note that if the other confederations do not call for demonstrations, certain industries and companies will experience walkouts on Thursday as a result of the calls made by their respective local unions.

“On my desk is a pile of press clippings that is the size of a phone book. It contains a list of all of the locations where employees are on strike in response to the call made by the local CFE-CGC sections.

brags in addition to Francois Hommeril, the president of the center of the executives, who recognize to have limited capacities for mobilization. brags about the fact that they have limited capacities for mobilization. Because of this, we have no choice but to exercise extreme discretion when choosing the slogan for the event. During the summer, we had issued a warning that the one that had been selected for September 29 was far too general.

The CGT had, despite everything, made an effort. She was used to using lengthy slogans, but she had just reworked her punchline and added pension reform to the list of targets to fight for. “Raise wages, not the retirement age,” her new slogan proclaimed “. However, this was not sufficient…

Following the support of the Attac association at the beginning of September, Frédéric Souillot of FO expressed a preference to abstain from participating in a demonstration that had the potential to become politicized. It should come as no surprise that the CFDT prioritized its very own counter-operation, which will come to a close this coming Thursday evening. Three days of “takeaway answers,” which aim to attract potential new members by demonstrating the benefits of the model based on service unionism, will be presented throughout the event.

Although the USA was present in March during the mobilizations for purchasing power, they decided to not participate in this particular vote and instead abstain. “It is my opinion that this demonstration will serve a militant purpose, in the sense that it will encourage people to discuss the issue of wages. However, it is essential for us to give priority to cooperative endeavors involving the entire inter-union “, says Laurent Esquire, its general secretary. On October 3, there will also be a meeting of all the organizations to determine the next steps to take. When that time comes, the situation with the government's pensions will have been resolved, and each center will be aware of what to anticipate. And it's a safe bet that they will unanimously call for a united response, relegating the mobilization day of September 29 to the rank of dress rehearsal because of this.

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