These young people who falsify their CVs to get a job

TESTIMONIALS – Diplomas, experiences, and activities… certain candidates will not hesitate to lie on their CV, even if it means inventing another life. This includes candidates who are applying for jobs in the entertainment industry. In an effort to put a stop to this phenomenon, a variety of companies are combing through a variety of different types of information.

Marie*, who is 22 years old, confesses, “On my CV, I lied and said that I went to the markets with my father to sell fruits and vegetables.” The problem is that the student has never held a job in retail, and because her father is retired, he has never worked a job that required him to interact with clients or customers. Due to the fact that Marie told a lie about her previous job, she was able to get a job in 2019 working as a receptionist in a theater. She continues by saying, “I only had experience as a temporary maintenance worker, so without this deception, I would have never had the opportunity to have this job.”

AndrĂ©, who was 23 years old at the time, did not have any prior experience working in the catering industry. When he was applying for the waiter position in England five years ago, he stated on his resume that he had previous experience working in “good gourmet restaurants, quite famous in Switzerland.” Because AndrĂ© is able to pull off a fantastic white lie during the interview, which ultimately leads to him being hired for the position, he is given the opportunity to lie about something else. In order to finish his train of thought, he says, “I really hadn't had that much to lose.” It is possible to hear the same sentiment coming from Nordryne, who is twenty years old: “I'd rather an employer find out about my lie and decide not to hire me than let my chance slip away.” In question is the student who…

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