Tornado Cash: Questions Raised by the Cryptocurrency Mixer Ban

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On the program this Friday, in “21 million, your crypto coach”:

1 – Questions raised by the Tornado Cash ban

Thunderbolt last week: the cryptocurrency mixing platform Tornado Cash, which makes it possible to anonymize transactions, was placed on a blacklist of companies sanctioned for money laundering. The site was quickly taken offline and the protocol's computer code was removed from the GitHub platform. This decision has the community in turmoil because it attacks financial privacy head-on and goes after the tool rather than those who use it fraudulently.

How is Tornado Cash sanctioned? What do ecosystem players think? What response is organised? Are there alternatives to anonymize transactions? Experts will answer these questions for you.

2 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and cross-referenced the main events of the last seven days. Be at the forefront of crypto news by retaining the essentials.

Price analysis

And if you haven't read it yet, here is what was contained in this Tuesday's newsletter, “21 Million, price analysis” :

1 – Interview with LaĆ«titia Bonaventure

Independent analyst, Laƫtitia Bonaventure returns for you to the recent rebound in prices, notably attributable to a deceleration in inflation in the United States considered favorable for risky assets. It also tries to project itself on the end of the year and urges investors to remain vigilant, while the long-awaited move towards a less restrictive monetary policy of the Fed could be slower than expected by the market, according to it. .

2 – Nicolas Gallant's technical analysis

Financial journalist, expert in technical analysis at Capital, Nicolas Gallant (CFTs) notes that ether is evolving not far from major resistances, and also calls on investors to be cautious.

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