Why associating quit with quit is experimentally dubious

The reform of unemployment insurance, which was passed in the Assembly on Wednesday evening at first reading, includes him as an unexpected special guest. Even though the government roadmap only called for maintaining the status quo of the regime's parameters while opening the door to adjusting those parameters in response to the state of the economy, the executive branch ultimately decided to vote in favor of an additional provision as a result of the debate.

This measure, which was carried out by an amendment supported by the majority and the LRs, consists in detail of assimilating an “abandonment of position” to a resignation. As a result, employees who use it will be assimilated as “presumed resigners.” This amendment was carried out by the majority and the LRs. According to the Minister of Labour, a significant modification to the law will “fix a defect” in the entitlement to unemployment insurance, and this adjustment is quite significant. Last week, Olivier Dussopt voiced his disapproval by stating that “an employee who abandons his employment has access to more favorable compensation terms than an employee who resigns.” [citation needed] And justifiably so.

According to research, at least twenty-five percent of workers who are eligible for unemployment insurance do not enroll in the program.

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